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Green Matters



About us:

Green Matters program is a free and voluntary program that promotes local area businesses and other non-for-profit organizations to make sustainable economical improvements while limiting their environmental impact.  The program functions as a basic environmental consulting and referral service, empowering local businesses’ to network and develop greener alternatives within Tazewell, Peoria, Woodford, and Mason Counties.


Green Matters aims to impart local public recognition and support the pursuit of National Energy Star certification for those members who demonstrate green practices within their business or institution through cost-effective environmental alternatives.  Green Awards are given based on our point system.

status= 30-70 points

status= 71-100 points

status= 100+ points

Green Incentives:

  • Saving money
    • by reducing resources, energy consumption and using waste exchange networks
  • Build Green Network
    • to support and achieve optimal environmental performance
  • Attract eco-minded consumers
    • with green marketing and a green business directory
  • Receive Green credentials
    • for recognized credibility and certification
  • Utilize new resources
    • through waste exchange network for sustainability
  • Become a strong competitor
    • through producing and promoting environmentally-friendly actions to attract customers and improve business reputations

Areas of Performance:
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Current Members:

Patricia Marcouiller (Desserts Unlimited, Inc.)

Katie Vandenberg (Eli’s Coffee Shop)

John Vogelsang (Illinois Central College)

Edward Bastean (Wal-mart Morton)

(Morton Industries, Co.)


 Our newly restructured Green Matters program can help.

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Click here for membership application

Why ‘Green Matter’?

In these tough economic times, cost reduction in business is critical for survival.  In addition, community growth and expansion continues annually, causing strain and competition for local and natural resources.  If we want to continue along this road to development, it is vitally important that we streamline costs and incorporate environmentally conscious initiatives to ensure the protection of our natural resources.  We only have one Earth!

Coming to a business near you..

Upon enrollment of the program, a complimentary annual consultation will be provided.

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