Tazewell County Health Dept.

Compliance Bond

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1 TCC 6-17 Compliance Bond.

In order to ensure that code violations are remedied or fines are paid in a timely manner, a hearing officer, upon issuing a final determination of liability, may require a code violator to post with the County a compliance bond or, as appropriate, to consent to the granting and recording of a lien against titled property. Bonds and liens shall be approved by the County Auditor and State’s Attorney’s Office as to form and amount. Whenever it is necessary for the County to make repair or otherwise expend funds to a code violation for which a bond was posted, or whenever fines or costs remain unpaid after a code violator has exhausted or failed to exhaust judicial review procedures, the Hearing Officer may, after giving the parties notice and an opportunity to be heard, issue an order permitting the County to draw against the bond in an appropriate amount, or to foreclose the lien. The Hearing Officer shall order the bond or the titled property or proceeds form the titled property, less the costs incurred by the County, returned to the code violator upon proof of compliance with the applicable code provisions and the payment of the applicable fines or costs.