School Programs

School education and leadership programs are provided to Tazewell County school-aged children at participating schools.  Programs are provided during the school day or on-site during the after school hours.


Looking Good, Feeling Good is a puberty program designed to fit the needs of children in grades 4 or 5. Our one lesson program focuses on hygiene and puberty. To accompany the puberty lesson we use the video “Just Around the Corner.” Students are given a packet of information and have the opportunity to ask questions. Students will be separated by their sex assigned at birth during these classes, and will be taught by same-sex instructors (if available) from the health department.  For more information or to schedule a presentation, contact Kerri Viets at 309-929-0302.


Funded by the Illinois Department of Human Services, the Substance Use Prevention Program is offered to select junior high schools in Tazewell County. This course consists of twelve core lessons for 7th grade students and three review lessons for 8th grade students. These lessons utilize a life skills curriculum called “Project Alert” designed to influence positive decision making, effective social and communication skills, and teaches assertiveness to successfully resist peer pressure. This course also focuses on prescription opioid misuse and the heroin epidemic.  Students learn from a variety of different platforms such as videos, role play, group discussion, and supplemental reading materials. Contact Jessica Kober at 309-929-0326 or Holly Hoffman at 309-929-0323.

Parent or guardian resources from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration..


Funded through the Illinois Department of Human Services, the Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program is a primary prevention effort intended to help junior high students build the necessary skills to make long-term, healthy decisions. The TPP Program is designed to promote positive personal behaviors and discuss the values of abstinence and responsible sexual decision making. The ultimate goal of our program is to support the students in making positive lifestyle choices to successfully avoid sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and unplanned pregnancy. This program utilizes a CDC-approved, evidence-based curriculum that upholds the Illinois Sex Education laws. One-time presentations are also available at the high school level to support existing health classes and related courses. Contact Erica Husser at 309-929-0253. For more information on the Illinois Sex Education Laws, please click on the following links. 


S3 is a program provided in collaboration with the Heart of Illinois United Way and East Peoria School District Number 86. The main goal of S3 is to ensure a student's success in school. The S3 program provides students with physical, social/emotional and behavioral services focusing on prevention, intervention and case management. S3 also connects students and their families to community resources. The program is offered 3 days per week, both after school and in the summer. TCHD's S3 program serves Kindergarten - 5th grade students enrolled in Don D. Shute and Lincoln Elementary School in East Peoria. Contact Kara Schwinke at 309-613-4534.


The Tazewell County Youth Board, founded in 1991, is comprised of students from all seven Tazewell County high schools.  These students sign a Code of Conduct stating they will remain drug and alcohol free in their public and private lives.  The Board is involved in numerous activities throughout the year including community service and leadership training.  They plan and host an annual conference each spring – the Tazewell County Teens Unlimited Teen Conference. For more information, contact Kerri Viets at 309-929-0302.

Click here for TCYB Code of Conduct and Photo Permission form (pdf)


The Tazewell County Teens Unlimited Teen Conference is held annually in the spring.  The Conference is hosted in two sessions – one for high school students and one for junior high students.  The Tazewell County Youth Board plans the Conference and facilitates many of the workshops. Both Conferences have a keynote speaker, workshop sessions, and a meal included.  All Tazewell County schools are invited.  For more information, contact Kerri Viets at 309-929-0302.