Tazewell County Health Department


21306 Illinois Route 9
Tremont, IL 61568-9252




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Monday - Friday
8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Emergency Contact

In case of an after hours emergency, contact the health department emergency phone at 309-303-1375.
In case of fire in a food establishment you may call 309-303-1381.

Records Request

All records requests concerning personal health information (including immunization records) must fax written request to 309-925-2038. Record will be (mailed/faxed) back.
Name Title Email Phone
Angle, Julie Program Coordinator/Tobacco Prevention Coordinator 309-929-0304
Beachy, Beth Director of Birth to Five Services 309-929-0234
Bowers, Alex Epidemiologist 309-929-0232
Brown, Amanda 21st Century Schools Program Supervisor 309-929-0398
Burress, Karla Assistant Administrator 309-929-0256
Cook, Emily Program Assistant (309)929-0290
Ealey, Stacie Director of Community Health Division 309-929-0243
Ehrett, Carline Program Assistant (309)929-0224
Eubank, Danette Breastfeeding Peer Counselor 309-267-7713
Farnam, Amanda Program Assistant 309-929-0233
Falcon, Joanie RN 309-929-0298
Fassig, Katie Environmental Health Specialist 309-929-0241
Finney, Jaclyn Nutritionist (309)929-0274
Flinn, Inge RN 309-929-0283
Kane, Tammy Administrative Processor 309-929-0254
Keenan, Kim Health Educator (309)929-0240
Fox, Amy Administrator 309-929-0221
Gibbs, Deana Administrative Processor 309-929-00273
Goetze, Melissa Environmental Health Supervisor 309-929-0286
Golianis, Jim Information & Technology Lead 309-929-0261
Gudzinskas, Kaitlyn Health Educator (309)929-0312
Gudzinskas, Kim Community Health Supervisor 309-929-0341
Guzman, German Environmental Health Specialist 309-929-0271
Harris, Courtney Environmental Health Specialist (309)929-0301
Heppe, Marie Environmental Health Specialist 309-929-0342
Herzog, Julie Health Educator 309-929-0266
Hobbs, Michelle RN 309-929-0322
Hopping, Crindie Nutritionist 309-929-0297
Husser, Erica Health Educator 309-929-0253
Johnson, Bruce Environmental Health Specialist 309-929-0226
Johnson, Janet Director of Business Operations 309-929-0222
Kato, Yoko Grants Manager 309-929-0305
Keenan, Kim Health Educator (309)929-0240
Lane, Amanda Program Assistant 309-929-0277
Lane, Fran RN, BSN, CLC 309-929-0245
Litwiller, Chris RN 309-929-0276
Litwiller, Kim Program Assistant 309-929-0230
Lockwood, Pam Administrative Processor 309-929-0237
Long, Cindy Program Coordinator 309-929-0397
Maggioncalda, Nick Food Program Manager 309-929-0288
Malik, Sarah Environmental Health Specialist 309-929-0239
Marcanio, Amanda Epidemiologist 309-929-0281
Miars, Kay Environmental Health Administrative Assistant 309-929-0272
McClain, Haley Health Educator 309-929-0323
Murray, Morgan Program Coordinator 309-929-0238
Mutchler, Erica Emergency Response Coordinator 309-929-0338
Neavear, Evelyn Director of Environmental Health 309-929-0250
Noe, Cari Nutritionist 309-929-0396
Pflederer, Brin RN, BSN 309-929-0325
Phillips, Angie Director of Clinical Services 309-929-0236
Purdy, Ashley Environmental Health Program Assistant 309-929-0306
Risch, Shannon Billing Coordinator 309-929-0258
Robbins, Jodi R.N. 309-929-0251
Roberts, Keri RN, BSN 309-929-0296
Salzman, Maria Bilingual Educator 309-929-0227
Scharping, Michele Community Navigator 309-929-0324
Scheuermann, Beth RN 309-929-0321
Sparkman, Sara Communications Manager 309-929-0264
Stoops, Rhonda RN 309-929-0340
Sweet, Caitlin Program Coordinator (309)929-0282
Tyler, Vicki Program Accounting Manager, Child Care Connection 309-929-0263
Van Dyke, Eric Maintenance 309-929-0229
Viets, Kerri Drug Free Communities Coordinator 309-929-0302
Wallace, Shanita Illinois WISEWOMAN Program Coordinator 309-929-0308
Wertz, Kris RN, BSN 309-929-0242
Williams, Julie Program Assistant 309-929-0248
Williams, Sarah Birth to Five Supervisor 309-929-0295
Worlow, Christine Certified Technician 309-929-0290