Closed Loop Well

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6 TCC 9-1 Definitions

Closed Loop Well - means a sealed, watertight loop of buried pipe outside of a building foundation, intended to recirculate a liquid solution through a heat exchanger but is limited to the construction of the borehole, piping in the bore hole, heat exchange fluid, and the grouting of the bore hole and does not include the piping and appurtenances used in any other capacity. This includes but is not limited to vertical loop, horizontal loop and body of water loop systems. “Closed loop well” does not include any horizontal closed loop well systems where grouting is not necessary by law or standard industry practice.

Closed Loop Well Contractor - any person who installs closed loop wells for another person. “Closed loop well contractor” does not include the employee of a closed loop contractor.

Department-Tazewell County Health Department

Food grade propylene glycol - a coolant added to a closed loop well system which will allow the reduction of setbacks between the closed loop well system and a water well. The product container shall be labeled “Propylene Glycol USP” or equivalent. Any product not containing the letters “USP” will not be acceptable for this use, unless vendor documentation is produced to demonstrate equivalency.

Horizontal Closed Loop Well Systems means any open cut excavation where a watertight loop of pipe is buried outside of a building foundation that is intended to re-circulate a liquid solution through a heat exchanger.

Thermal Grout an Illinois Department of Public Health approved grout specifically developed to enhance the heat transfer in a closed loop well. The Illinois Department of Public Health will maintain a list of approved closed loop well grouts on its website.