Household Hazardous Waste

Hazardous waste comes in a variety of forms. Follow the resources below to find the best disposal and handling option for you.

For traveling with or transporting lithium batteries:

Lithium Battery Safety

For non-oil-based paint:

If possible, take off lid and let dry out or take off lid an add cat litter to soak up product. Once paint is dried out, replace lid, and dispose of with normal trash. If unable to dry, take to collection.

For insecticide, pesticides, herbicide, and fungicides:

Whenever possible, find nature alternatives that are non-toxic. Do not dump or pour any toxic substances own a drain or near bodies of water!

If you have leftover product “use” the remaining amount in an inconspicuous area in your landscaping, garden, lawn, or even your driveway. Otherwise, take it to a collection.